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Keeping a straight face...

So, I'm currently working on a cosplay that cracks me up. I find the character himself to be incredibly amusing, and the idea of me cosplaying him falls into the realm of, "Bahahah ahaha I can't believe I'm doing this ahaha!" The fact that I'm already having this much fun with it makes me only look forward to wearing this at a con even more, but there's this little issue of how I can't even try on various costume pieces or do a makeup test without laughing.

So, I ask you, experienced cosplayers, how might I go about curbing this urge to laugh at myself and the situation? I don't necessarily need to be acting in character all the time, but training myself to not have a ridiculous about-to-break-into-giggles grin at all times would be really useful. Do you have any tips?


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