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Sooooooo, I was just a tad curious. I have this thread bookmarked and I'm going to be crossplaying Akihiko from Persona 3. His clothes aren't tight, it's a uniform, and thankfully I have no ass. I'm going to be getting a compression shirt, I have a 40 in chest and a 32 in waist. @.@ I'm going to get one from underworks, but trying to decide which type and what size. I've figured out my chest size by averaging my bust and underbust which equals a medium in men's ( I think it came out to 36in), but then I had a girl said she went up 2 or 3 sizes from the average. So I wonder if I should just get a size that matches my chest size? Or go one below? Because the girl that suggested it said she couldn't fit into hers, so I don't want to be too small or too large. I have a hard enough time cramming my boobs into shirts unless I get baggy ones. lol I might think about getting those spanx or slimming shorts, although like I mentioned I have no ass, but I'm very curvy, I have an hourglass figure which I like normally. lol
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