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Originally Posted by AlanaOwlet View Post
Dude I'm in if you've got time Saturday morning. I'm bringing along an Arcanine costume/dress from Pokemon I was hoping to get some sweet pictures of.

yep I have time available saturday, the shoots usually last about an hour. do you have a certain time which works for you. I am available all day. if you give me a time, ill mark you down, I have other shoots planned but people havent gotten back to me with a time yet. let me know and ill mark you down as that time.

Originally Posted by Aurora Maryte View Post
I don't know how much I'll get done. I have like a 3 week window in between exams and law school starting up again for the spring.
But if all goes as planned, I'll have the Pioneer from AC3, Celes(opera gown outfit) from FFVI, and a Sakizou dress.
It would be great to get some shoots. The only times that wouldn't work for me are mornings.

I am available any time, what times and days were you thinking and do you happen to know which cosplay your doing each day? I am usually up around 7 am and available late during conventions.let me know so i can mark you down as that time.

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