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Free Photoshoots for Magfest

So i will be attending Magfest this year for the second time ~ and was wondering if anybody would want to have a private photoshoot done for them? Since I've yet to see anyone post anything regarding photoshoots OTL
any cosplay is welcomed ^^
Before I take ANY photos of you i'll need for you to sign a model release form.( If you do not know what that is I'll gladly explain to you in a separate message )
I'll be there on Friday evening and Saturday (all day ) message me via facebook and i'll save you a spot ; w ;

Please tell me if you're going to be a group or people so i know before hand C:

and here are some examples of some of the pictures i've taken so far
I'd prefer you message me via facebook so i can keep track of everyone better

message me the following information if interested ^^

Contact info( Phone number please ):
next cons/Events;
Otakon 2013
Anime USA 2013 (?)
MAGfest 2014
Katsucon 2014

Main cons I attend: MAGfest, Katsucon, Otakon, Anime USA
Photography/cosplay (mainly photog) page;
East coast photographer = u =

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