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Some questions about body paint

(A lot of other body paint threads right now I see. O.o)

Formy BRS cosplay, I need to be pale. So I'm thinking of using some cake makeup for it. I know it's not that opaque, but I'm not that dark. Also, I'll most likely if not inevitabley need to re-apply. If I used a spray sealant, could I just re-apply paint and more sealant over it? What about over powder sealant? Common makeup sense tells me no, but I just want to reaffirm...^^;

Also, what are some areas of the body that the paint would wear off first? The paint will be on my face, neck, majority of my torso, and legs down to above my knees. I have oily skin, and the convention center is hot and humid, plus I'll be wearing a long sleeved, open front, long pleather coat. @-@ (Don't think it'll last long in that but I'm going to try...)

And uh, how many tins of the stuff would I need? Sorry, never used the stuff so I have no idea. I'm 5'4" and somewhat slim, so would 2 tins work? Or would I need 3 tins or more to account for its opacity?

I tried to keep this short but I failed...But, thank you for reading and for any help.
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