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Originally Posted by HeyItsSasuke View Post
I was there, and... I dunno.
I think it was tasteless to put it in a parking garage, but it's receiving A LOT of hate for it. I haven't heard of anybody getting their costume ruined because of it... But I could be wrong.
It didn't bother me much, really. I guess it's because I didn't spend much time in there..
It wasn't a good idea, but it wasn't like it was in this disgusting, dirty venue that was hazardous for everyone's health. It was just a parking garage.

My opinion, anyway.
And you are entitled to your opinion.

I think the problem really was also that we were unprepared. It's important to remember that AkiCon not only did not tell us we would be in a parking garage, but also, when we asked about the artist alley location, they were doing on they could to hide it.

Because of this, almost all of us came under dressed and unprepared. I packed my clothes with plans of being inside the hotel, and instead, I was in the cold. I had a coat, but my clothes under that were meant to be indoors.

I was freezing, and I became very sick.
The kerosene heating also gave me a headache, and the mess of extension chord wasn't the best thing.

They've been very rude to us. They refuse to acknowledge that they did anything wrong in putting us in there, and instead say the artists are just complaining.

No matter your stance on how bad the garage itself was, the behavior of the Pelhams is just unacceptable.
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