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A t-shirt vs. a different material? :/

I'm needing to make the shirt for my M'gann M'orzz cosplay, but I'm really debating what type of shirt I need to use to make it. Her shirt basically a t-shirt as far as the shape, so that's not my problem. What I'm wondering is...what "type" of shirt should I make it out of? She's got the whole "superhero costume", which is shouts "spandex", although I'm not terribly skinny, so I'm worried that even with the cape, I'll end up looking exceptionally "too big for this costume." I considered using an underarmour type shirt (where it's that slick material but it's not 100% spandex), or just using a t-shirt and taking a bit out of the back (since I'm going to be wearing a cape anyway.) But what do you guys think I should use? :/

Picture of her:
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