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Sweet, I got accepted into a kickstarter project to help provide art supplies to children (children from low-income families are put at the top of the reeving list). 100-150 artists must submit a few portfolio pieces of traditional artwork to be reviewed and then accepted/rejected, if you did not hear back within 3 weeks you are considered rejected so I am really excited that I was accepted right away.

The artists who are accepted are to complete a traditionally done piece of artwork using Crayola products and each of us who are accepted in will have our piece put into an art-book sold via the kickstarter. The money from the book sales goes into buying sets of art supplies and the nice bags they're packed in.

The artists who contribute get a free hardcover book and it seems like some contests will go on in which some hardcovers will be given away to promote the kickstarter. The organizer from dA wants to have the whole thing done in order to provide the art supply packs for Christmas 2013.
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