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Originally Posted by Kawaii Pocky View Post
If it's too big or small I can send it back for a different size atleast? Wow, those shirts are that effective?
I get a weird little uniboob in the middle if I were to go with just the binder over a tanktop or with a really tight shirt over it, but beyond that it's pretty effective. It took me about a week to strategize how to get it on by myself, lol. I still have not found any way to get it off by myself, and after getting it to shoulder-level, someone else has to pull at the thing until it comes off XD

I believe they do allow them to be sent back for another size. I was about to actually send mine back when I figured out a way to get it on lol. *please note--this is my first and only binder. Normally, I cosplay a girl, though after this I'm considering being Howl next :3
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