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Originally Posted by UsakoLuna View Post
Emmers that kick starter sounds really neat! Congrats!

I still can't find anyone to take that shift that I shouldn't have been scheduled for.
Thank you ^^ I am really excited to be included in it! I am hoping to have my idea submitted in time for the cover design consideration. I've had a sketch idea in my head for a while and I am hoping it will be considered.

I hated being in that BN I always took extra shifts and the ONE time I posted asking for someone to take mine no one ever said a word to me. They just avoided me.

Originally Posted by SakuraxTsubasa View Post
That's so much fun to do! xD

I'm so bored. I have another hour to do nothing before rehearsal and I forgot to bring my homework...:|
We upgraded the net to the bigger one and I caught some burdys. I am so glad they fly back and it's not like we killed the bird for it's feather or something..

Speaking of which, I found out the absolutely horrific way that you can use your sword to kill butterflies....the Wiimote even feels like you hit resistance when you do so.
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