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Military uniforms are 100% ok. The only uniform restriction, something I should add next time, involves police uniforms. You cannot wear a current issue Japanese police uniform. Which makes sense. You also cannot wear anything that has the word "Police" glaring on it. Now, you can wear a foreign police uniform so long as it does not break the previous rule. I've seen guys wearing Soviet police uniforms, current issue Thai police uniforms, South Korean MP, and a Japanese friend of mine regularly wears a USAF Security Forces uniform to Comiket.

If you're cosplaying on Friday or Saturday swing by Cosplay Area 1 under the walking bridge. It's where all we military (anime, game, history) cosplayers hang out. On Sunday we usually claim a section on the 4th floor terrace. Since we claim an area and always have people present, you can leave your bag with the group and not have to deal with the line at the luggage station. Not to mention save a few yen.
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