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Help me choose a Character? D:

Well, I'm trying to decide between a whole bunch of characters. :I

(The reason I keep calling them "characters", is because two of them listed are Utauloids and one of them is Yandere)

Also, I plan on using the default outfit for all of the ones listed below. They do each have a reference picture to help.

Piko Utatane:
VY2 Yuuma:
Nao Shigure:
Rin Kagamine: (Don't we all know her?)
Lui Hibiki:
Tei Sukone: http://moe.animecharactersdatabase.c...-326699357.png

Reference of myself-




Sorry for the sucky pictures. xD

(These pictures were taken during the summer. Therefore, I'm not as tan now, as I was when these pictures were taken.)
FireCrackerCosplayer: OliverExorcist
Current Cosplays:
Ciel Phantomhive: 95%

Planned Cosplays:
Piko Utatane 0%
Rin Kagamine(Multiple outfits) 25%
Kamui Gakupo(Default) 10%
Oliver(Default) 0%
Alice Baskerville 0%
Rin Okumura 0%
Amaimon 0%
Prussia 35%
North Italy 0%
Agito Wanijima 0%
Sora 5%
Gumi Megpoid(Default) 10%
Emil Castagnier 0%
Izaya Orihara 0%
Tidus 5%
Roxas 5%

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