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Loki wig help

I am doing a Loki cosplay for a group project of ours, and I am at a loss for his wig. I'd slick back my own, but my hair is thin and doesn't look good in any style really.

I've been looking on the internet and found this one, but I am worried the idea of it is to good to be true since it looks to my bad eye site styled nicely, but I've learned the hard way ebay sellers can be misleading.
I do not want to buy a bad wig, and am afraid this one would be a bad one.

I've been suggested to get this wig: or 1
But, I am scared to cut and style it, as I am not very good at styling wigs yet. I've done a Kingdom Hearts Sora wig and cut bangs into all of my other wigs, but nothing to the extent of what Loki's hair looks like.

Any help or suggestions would be wonderful!

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