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Originally Posted by kuroki-neko View Post
perosnally this did not bug me, even that my cosplay was all white and it could be stained easily. if i had a ride to the meetings i would have galdly volenteered for free.

but this time everyone had plenty of room in the dealers hall compared to last years.

my only gripe is that i was told i could not be shirtless at con and that was a key tell of my cosplay. i only realized that was not true on the last day when i got up and though "whatever its the last day, who cares if i get in trouble"

also i spent most of the con in there, the panels this year where mostly hetilia gadly host or help host a panel that is on an anime thats not the super popular ones.
Well, if they really felt like it, they could ban you.

I also don't really know what the panels and dress codes have to do with the artists' alley... And I think the artists/vendors would have more of a reason to complain than a regular attendee, since they can't just leave whenever they want.
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