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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
So you're saying that kind of wig won't style easy right? Just like I said?
That's what being cheap gets you..Cheap stuff..If you want to really have a good cosplay you have to learn to dish cash or it will be terrible. I mean, you can do whatever you want, but if you are gonna ask then not take the advice, why ask?
Look, they obviously didn't know better. That really came off as quite rude. And besides, they didn't ask for advice on which wig to buy, they asked for advice on how to style the one they had.

Anyway, OP, it's good you decided to put money out for a good wig. ^^ You'll find that, typically in this hobby, the cheaper something is, the worse it will turn out, unfortunately. Cheaper wigs are cheaper for a reason -- the materials aren't as well-made (and subsequently look cheap, shiny, and tacky) and so don't cost much. Plus, a wig has to be really thick to be able to spike without additional wefting, which I'll go ahead and say right now is a big pain in the butt. XD The best place to buy wigs (if you're in the US, at least) is Arda and Epic Cosplay, who both have very thick wigs, some of which are even specially designed to be spiked.

Also, just a word of caution -- be careful when buying wigs (and cosplay, as well) from eBay. A lot of sellers steal photos from sites like Taobao, so you won't get at all what's pictured. (Trust me, I went through this quite a lot.) These sellers will also often make multiple accounts on a grand scale, which makes it even harder to find the good ones. When buying on eBay, first look through the seller's feedback (though this, unfortunately, isn't always entirely accurate), do research to make sure the photos aren't stolen, stuff like that. ^^"

Good luck with your styling!

EDIT: Just noticed this thread is kind of old. I saw it on the first page and thought it was new. >.> Sorry!
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