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If time allows, I'm thinking about cosplaying Al Mualim from the first game, course from that one there's a couple of others I'd like to bust out in the future either Sibrand or Robert De Sable. A dream cosplay of course would be Cesare Borgia from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood but that would be a VERY EXPENSIVE commission OR a piece meal outfit
Confirmed Cosplays!!!

Otakon 2014:

Dandy! Space Dandy
Victor S. Court: Bravely Default
Beelzemon: Digimon Tamers
Mousse: Ranma 1/2
Schuldig: Weiss Kruez
TV's Frank: MST3K

AWA 2014:

Dandy: Space Dandy
Megabyte: ReBoot (HOPEFULLY!!! )
Schuldig: Weiss Kruez
The First Doctor: Doctor Who
Victor S. Court: Bravely Default
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