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I don't know why I didn't discover this thread earlier. You are all my people. <3

I'm really uncomfortable and frustrated because I went to a local clinic to get a Doctor's Note and the doctor accused me of lying about being sick. Since this wasn't my regular doctor, just one working the clinic I hadn't met before, I wasn't comfortable explaining the full version about how I've had side effects and my body is adjusting to my new medication, so I just tried saying how I had a lot of stomach aches, headaches, and exhaustion.

And the guy didn't want to believe me based PURELY on the fact that I needed the note for school. :/ He was going off about how "interesting" he found it that students came in around this time of year for notes. He tried to write on the note I was PAYING HIM to do that I "told him" my symptoms but didn't want to write that I was actually ill, until I explained that I made the arrangement for an extension with my T.A. two weeks ago and was getting the note for the sake of paperwork. And even then he was still reluctant and very caught up in how "convenient" the influx of student illnesses is around this time of year. As if what other patients/customers discuss with him is my concern! (plus, y'know, it's flu season and the fact that stress legitimately makes people sick? Ugh, what a jackass.) He was so unprofessional and rude, and it's making me so angry. >< I'm gonna have to call the clinic's managers and complain now.
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