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The top body painters do on occasional use alcohol based airbrush makeup which is made to be water and sweat resistant and must be removed with rubbing alcohol (91% or less) or baby oil. We find a good deal will sluff off in the shower after a log day of play. But a good deal may have to have a remover.

Water based or hybryd airbrush makeups are made to be water and sweat resistant but washable with soap and water. i.e. you can paint your arm and run water over it without the makeup moving, but rub the makeup under the water and off it comes.

There are several top brands my first choices would be new Showoffs Body Art ProAiir as it is very affordable compared to many brands. I would also recommend European Body Art ENDURA or VIBE, Graftobian's FX Aire, Wolfe eFlow or Mehron LUX. All are airbrush ready, micronized for great flow without clogging.

I love Kryolan's Airstream. I just choose ProAiir or EBA first.

Airstream also tends to produce best results for experienced makeup artists. Not that is is hard to use, in fact it is one of the most finely micronized makeups out here, it just tends to do best blended in layers.

Many fixing sprays will actually remove airbrush makeup as they are alcohol based. So decide on a type and brand and then see if you really need to fix the makeup.
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