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Originally Posted by ghosgreen View Post
I've been looking for a Marvel character that I could pull off for a while now. There's a few characters I really like but the whole skin tight costume thing is a very very bad idea for me and as I had to put it to my friend I would not feel comfortable wearing one or way too much armor there's not much chance I'd actually fit in it ha ha ha. But didn't let that stop me. I'm looking into doing Sandman.
Cool! Your picture there, with the jacket and fedora, makes me think instantly of Dr. Nemesis! Maybe he'd inspire you too?

Originally Posted by Rcsi1 View Post
I'm making a Kitty Pryde costume for my little cousin. <3
Aww! Are you going to include a little Lockheed?
Under Consideration:
Hepzibah (with the Corsair), Scarlet Witch (with Quicksilver), Dagger (with Cloak, 2013 Ultimate editions), Mythic Cassiopeia

Chosen, In Planning:
Carmelita Fox (with Sly Cooper), Riza Hawkeye (with Roy Mustang), Red (with Subject Unknown)

Under Construction:
Ravager, Emma Frost (with Namor, Phoenix Five editions)
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