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Confused here - are you referring to my post? My post notes no makeup products glow on there own in the dark. Glow in the dark paint products are not makeup, if they are labeled as such it is in violation of cosmetic labeling laws. And trust me there are one or two big name brands in the USA with improper labeling.

Only makeup products which reacts to UV black lighting will glow when in the dark and in/under UV lighting.

As for safety the FDA does not approve these colorants for use around the eye. There are eight colorants approved by the FDA for novelty makeup use and none are approved for use around the eyes. Nor do they approve luminescent zinc sulfide for use around the eyes.

UV reactive aka neon pigments have not been tested by the FDA since the 1970's. The FDA does not randomly test products for safety. A manufacturer must submit their product for testing. No major face painting makeup manufacturer is willing to step up and bear the brunt of this cost.

So the FDA is not telling a lie, they are simply out of date. How pigments were mined as recently as 30 plus years ago and how we handle those pigments arehave changed. Trace mineral and heavy metal elements are more easily detected and cleaned from these pigments than in years past, making colorants safer for use on humans. How much safer is the question that is on a scientific level unanswered.

The FDA itself notes in referring to cosmetic grad coloring agents that one colorant approved for use does not approve it for use in all products. And as the FDA applies to the USA only other countries have different regulations and approvals.

Neon face paints are generally UV reactive and mos are sold without disclaimers. The EU as in the case of Kryolan's DayGlow Pressed Powders notes these products as use for special effects and not for use around the eyes. However we know plenty of makeup users who do so.

Information can be found directly on the FDA website.

When using any makeup, even if it's bought at the local drug store a patch test is a good idea.
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