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Originally Posted by Blood_Sword View Post
And seriously, why does it even matter so much what I am in the end? I'm human just like you and everyone else, let me do my cosplaying and have fun without infecting my mind with such troublesome and secondary things like gender.
I completely agree! I feel like gender, like age or ethnicity, is irrelevant to costuming skill, ability to act in character, and having fun. I really don't see the point in acting such a pointless (and potentially hurtful) question, and I never know how to respond because most of the time people are just curious and don't know that they're being offensive.

Originally Posted by VickyAmis View Post
People always like to talk about others or give comments on others' clothes, and they think it's funny.But they seldom care others' feeling. In fact, many people feel hurt when they are asked this kind of question. I would like to say, it's none of your business. And you guys are quite funny!
This is completely true, but there are also times when people aren't asking to be malicious, but are genuinely curious. Then it's kind of hard to respond without sounding like a jerk XD;
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