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Looking at the photos of the venue alone, I'd never go to this convention. I've been to cons where they've used the hotel's garage for the AA and Dealer's Area. That concept doesn't bother me.

But looking at how bad the area was. Mold, buckets of water overhead, and apparently it was cold, with unsafe heaters. . .This is an example of how NOT to do it.

I've seen cons turn around and due to other errors take the dealers and AA and spread them threw the con. In front of panel rooms, in the lobby, let people take outside (and get some money back). . .It just seems like this con viewed the AA and Dealers as second class to the rest of the con and as much as cons like to say they're about the programing. A con's bread and butter is the AA and Dealer's. You bite them and you have no one willing to vend at your next con. No venders=A lot less reason to go to a fan driven anime con. Rather a lot less of a reason to buy that badge when I can probably get into the bulk of the other "Con Activities" without it.

I have to applaud the bulk of this thread usually even legit issues sound like kids whining when it comes to problems at cons and here the OP really was smart and took photos and went out of her way to show us and the con EXACTLY what was wrong. They'd be foolish not to listen.
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