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Just a couple of FYI

99% ISO rubbing alcohol is for use to activate alcohol activated makeup and cleaning alcohol based makeup from airbrushed it is not for use directly on the skin. The 99% is considered hazmat and is toxic, please use with care. Avoid the fumes and as much contact with your skin as possible. It changes when mixed with the makeup, the chemical makeup changes. Our staff chemist explained it, it's like denaturing an egg by cooking it.

Do not pour 99% down the drain, rather let it sit outside after the alcohol has evaporated say in 25 hrs it becomes mostly water at which point it is safe for dumping down the drain. (thanks I live on this planet!)

I haven't found alcohol activated or alcohol based makeups to dry the skin out. Certainly any makeup applications and removal take their toll on your skin and moisturizers help.

Any makeup near the eye and delicate areas extra care needs to be taken.

For the price of makeup products one might as easily hire a body painter to do the job, ask one if they exchange with you for use of the images. You in full cosplay would/could be a great addition to an artist's portfolio.
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