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Germany Question

Going to a con for the first time ever in... May I believe, but this isn't the first time cosplaying. Anyway, I think I might want to do Germany, but I need some feedback and some suggestions. First of all, which outfit should I wear? His Green outfit, his blue one, or his modern brown one? Secondly, about the hair... I basically already have Germany's hair, minus the fact that my hair is dirty blonde, sometimes outright brown (slicked back yet poofy, short), so should I try to dye it Germany's colour and go natural or is it always better to do a wig?

The eyes are no problem, I have blue eyes. Meh, it also sucks because I'm going with a group of friends, but I don't think they do/want to cosplay, let alone cosplay the Hetalia series, so I don't know whether to even follow through with this. Also, I'm a guy, so... Germany is even more realistic for me to do XD

Last but not least, hello to in general (first post)!
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