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I mean there isn't really a way to prove they are not safe...OR SAFE. Unless you're the manufacturer and you know exactly what's in the ingredients. They may be fine when you first wear them but can slowly deteriorate overtime - how is the common person to know? Generally we think that if we wear them and don't get blind/infections...should be good enough? The way I see it is if you are really worried, assume that the lenses are only half-good in their material and would only last half as long. So just get them replaced reguarly and you should be fine even if they aren't made from the best materials. I wouldn't recommend them if you've never used CLs before. You NEED to know proper hygiene..and bad fittin cuts off oxygen from your eyes overtime.

But if you aren't wearing for long periods of time (ie. costuming), not wear them for YEARS (they're so cheap damnit, replace them!), already a contact lens wearer...I say it should be okay!

SORRY for reviving an old thread! It's just that I'm in this field and i was researching certain colors from dollyeye and came across this. I just want my fellow cosplayers to stay safe! matter with dollyeye contacts or any type of contacts.
- haine
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