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MDA: I LOVE your interpretation of CoD. I realize that she's sort of not wearing much of anything (and I'm such a prude) so yours is awesome. Totally captures the look without showing too much. Where are the pictures with the tentacles?

tifaia: Celes looks great! Are you hand embroidering or using a machine? I want to get an embroidery machine so bad so I can do cool little details. I just don't have the patience to do stuff by hand. Making the color match you is such a good idea, since some colors just don't work all that well on some people. It's like I can't deal with not having bangs, so I add bangs to just about every character I do since I look like an alien without bangs.

I have almost finished my Palom. Seriously the only thing holding me up is the shoulder armor since I wimp out about doing anything that isn't just a sewn garment. Oh and that weird piece of head jewelry. This costume could be the blingiest thing I've made to date, which is bizarre since it's for a male character. Yay Final Fantasy character designs.
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