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Originally Posted by SweetShinoBee View Post
I definitely wouldn't mind any Miss A, I like "Breathe" and "Goodbye Baby".

How about some Wondergirls? I like "Be My Baby".
Clap Your Hands - 2NE1: 1
I Am The Best - 2NE1: 2
Warrior - Bap: 1
Nilli Mambo - Block B: 2
We are a Bit Different - EvoL: 1
Bubble Pop - HyunA: 1
Breathe - Miss A: 2
Goodbye Baby - Miss A: 1
Sherlock - SHINee: 1
Sexy, Free, and Single - Super Junior: 2
Be My Baby - Wonder Girls: 1

Alrighty, the suggested songs have been added to the list, and I put the songs in alphabetical order by artist. Haha. xD

Does anyone need to go to other gatherings after this? I'm just trying to get an idea as to what time to end this gathering.
I was also thinking about sending a limited number of people up to floor(?) at a time, that is, if the gathering gets large. It can be really hectic when a lot of people are up there dancing. @_@
None planned atm.

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