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Originally Posted by Abe506 View Post
I'm planning on cosplaying as Yukio Okumura and I would like some help on styling a wig can someone help with a tutorial and info on what products to use. Try this.

Originally Posted by princemercury1 View Post
I was wondering how I would go about making a cowboy hat?
Why make a hat? A quick google search produced several options for under $50. True they won't be as good as a Tim Bender hat but it will do for your cosplay.

Originally Posted by Lady Marie View Post
I wanna know what Patterns to use for the top and bottom:

Personally, I would try something like this for the top. It looks like an easy modification. As for the skirt, all I can think of is Simplicity Pattern 2817. It's a Disney Princess pattern. They get the poofy over skirt by folding a squashy circle in half. That might work with this skirt. Figure out the basic shape of the skirt, round it out and double it...kind of like a symetrical onion or pomagranate. Use batting or feathers to give to substance. Goes that make sense? The leggings can be off the shelf and painted with fabric paint. You should be wearing them or have someone wearing them when you paint on the strip. Masking tape is also usefull to keep the paint in the lines.
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