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Originally Posted by Taka93 View Post
Hello to you all, my name's Taka and i'm a spanish cosplayer.
I wrote a huge introduction but hasn't been shown around here so i'll just tell a few things about me.

I've began in the 2006, with a silly Uchiha Sasuke cosplay, the last cosplay that i've done is Genesis Rhapsodos from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core.

I want to learn from other cosplayers and also improve my skills.
I've got very very very ambitious projects between hands, i'm working right now in Leon Scott Kennedy (R.P.D. suit) from Resident Evil 2 and also, i've got in mind Kaworu Nagisa from Evangelion.

Well, i hope we meet along very well!
Welcome, I am interested in cosplaying but I don't have an experience. Would you please show some pictures when you are cosplaying? I am looking forward to it.
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