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Originally Posted by ajisaiareku View Post
I still want to improve much more so would love some critique on where I can improve. I know currently night time I have to improve on so there isn't so much noise in the background and slowly I'm learning to direct people in posing for whats a little more flattering for them along with my lighting. Thank you
Lighting mostly, for natural light you have to be able to look at a whole area and spot what areas are going to have the best light -- which often changes throughout the day. For flashes, strobes, etc. it greatly helps to have an assistant or helper with some basic understanding of lighting people to setup/move/hold the off-camera lights.

Like another poster said, the key is practice, if you have friends that cosplay or there are local (non-con) cosplay gatherings in your area, go to everything you can just to meet people and practice. Join a club if you can, check meetup to see if there's an active photo club in your town, or other clubs. Take every opportunity you can to photograph people, the main photo club in my town photographs renaissance faires, historical re-enactments, parades, and other events, plenty of these you can spend a ton of time practicing photographing people.
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