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Question ???casting resin (like smooth-on)/paper mache clay/rid fiberglass fumes???

I want to build something similar to this:

Casting resin:
1.What is the cheapest brand without sacrificing strength or detail? I don't want to spend so much on just one helmet if I don't have to. Also, which one would be the easiest to use? What makes casting resins difficult in the first place?
2.How thick does it have to be to be strong? I never could find out how thick everyone makes their castings
3.Can you use silicon caulk for a replacement/cheaper alternative to a rubber mold? What about plaster of paris?
4.Does any of the brands give off fumes/an odor before/after they cure?
5.Which one is good at being sanded/drilled/cut with a dremel?

Paper mache clay:
1.Has anyone ever tried this? (If you scroll down you can see my posts with the same picture from above) Any suggestions on this or paper mache period?

Fiberglass fumes:
1. I've heard that even after it's cured that it gives off strong fumes. Is there any way to avoid/remedy that?
2.Can you seal the fumes using primer spray?
3.Are the fumes harmful?
4.Can you wash the fiberglass piece to get rid of the smell?

***As a side note, is it cheaper to do fiberglass than using casting resin?
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