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Honestly, I go to Otakon every year because I love it. I don't attend panels or anything, so the only line that I ever deal with is the pre-reg pickup line. That honestly has gotten SO much better over the past few years and moves very quickly now. Granted, I always go Thursday so I can pick up my badge so the line doesn't take that long.

Otakon Staff:

I haven't had ANY problem with the Otakon staff. In fact, this past Otakon was the first time I've actually had a staff member ask if I had my prop checked. I was pleasantly surprised that the staff actually tries to keep up with prop checks as best they can. I mean...Otakon is a very large con (not as large as AX or D*Con of course, but still really large), so you can't expect them to be PERFECT. You can only monitor 30,000+ people so well with only so many people volunteering for staff a year.

I have also NEVER met a rude staff member. In fact, any staff member I have encountered has been nothing but nice. They ask for a picture, talk about the series I'm cosplaying from or the character, etc...


Otakon can only be so organized. The only thing I was really annoyed with was when we were going to meet Jason David Frank. At a convention, I only check Facebook so much. I'm busy having fun and I don't want to pay all of this money to keep staring at my phone for the duration of the con to keep up with Facebook. So, we went to the Dealer's Room on Sunday to meet Jason David Frank. We stood there for about twenty minutes when finally a staff member came over and told us where his autograph was moved to, and that someone SHOULD have been there directing people. Seriously? My sister really wanted to meet Jason David Frank and we missed his autograph session. Granted, I wasn't upset that much since I figured I will have other opportunities to meet him...but still. They SHOULD have had someone directing people there, especially since there was a nice little line forming -_-

Artists' Alley:

I don't sell art, so I don't know the rules and regulations. However, I would imagine that the rules they have are there for a reason. I would imagine a lot of artists want to get a table at Otakon because it's a great way to make a fantastic profit since so many people attend. The non-refundable rule does seem a little shady to me, but I guess I can understand since Otakon is like a business, if you reserve a table but can't attend YOU withheld that table from another artists that WOULD be attending and making money. However, I would hope that Otakon would be able to refund if you cancelled in a reasonable time and/or had a really valid excuse.


I honestly don't want to hear anyone complaining about the weather. The convention is during the HOTTEST month of the year (or around it). You can check the weather yourself so you can dress yourself appropriately while you are in line to get your badge and to bring adequate water. Otakon doesn't control the weather, nor can they control how you line up to get your badge. I would imagine that they don't rent out the ENTIRE convention center for Thursday because that would probably cost a LOT of money just for people to pick up their pre-reg badge. I mean, they could possibly have other things to do at the convention on Thursday that may attract more people, but the last time they tried a four-day didn't work out that well. So of course you have to wait outside to get your badge. As for the Friday line...again, you have to wait outside to get your badge because having a line inside would just be awful. It's up to the attendees to dress appropriately and bring enough water while waiting for their badge, so anyone who complains needs to seriously learn how to check the weather before waiting in line. It sounds rude, but I honestly don't see any room for complaining when Otakon isn't at fault for it.

Overall, I really enjoy Otakon and find it to be a fantastic convention.
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