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ATTENTION Ohio Cosplayers!!!

ATTENTION OHIO COSPLAYERS!!!! I am looking for people around the DAYTON, CINCI, or COLUMBUS area who would like to do GROUP/COUPLE photoshoots with me! None of my friends cosplay except for my sister, and she has only cosplayed one time. I would love to find some people who have costumes matching mine who would be willing to do group shots with me. I will worry about payment for the photographers and driving if I need to. I just hate having all my photoshoots JUST being me with no one else!

Looking for partners/matching costumes for these costumes (these are the costumes I have, looking for others from the series to match):

1). Yuki Cross - Vampire Knight (looking for Zero or Kaname or both!)
2). Haku - Naruto (looking for Zabuza)
3). Natsuo - Loveless (looking for Youji)
4). Rika - Digimon Tamers (looking for Renamon, Takato, Henry, or Ryo)
5). Blackrose and Hiiragi - .hack (looking for ANY .hack characters)
6). Deadman Wonderland prisoner - Deadman Wonderland (looking for any characters from the series)
7). Stocking - Panty & Stocking (looking for panty transformation OR police)
8). Inori and Mana - Guilty Crown (looking for Shu, Gai, or "normal" Mana)
9). Q - [C] (looking for Msyu or Masakaki, or Mikuni)
10). Haqua - The World God Only Knows (looking for Elsie)
11). Gasai Yuno - Future Diary (looking for Yuuki)
12). Kairi - KH 1 AND KH2 (looking for Sora)
13). Kari - Digimon 02 (looking for Davis or TK)
14). Lisbeth/Silica - Sword Art Online (looking for any other characters from the show!)
15). Bakemonogatari group (looking for Araragi and his sisters, and Oshino and Shinobu)

Sorry for the HUGE post, PLEASE message me if you can do any of these!

Or just post here!
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Matsuricon 2013 costume plans:
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Popola - Nier

Ohayocon 2014 costume plans:
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