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Originally Posted by Ohannah View Post
I have a question!~

For people that are in the Artist Alley do we have to sign-in on the Friday to receive our badge or will we get a regular ticket in our email?

( Sorry I'm a first year )
When you show up on Friday there will be a line for Artist/dealers/guest etc so you'll be able to get your AA badge

Originally Posted by SuperBee View Post
Is it possible that not all the emails went out? I got my ticket, my broth may not have gotten his. Then again getting a straight answer out of him is like pulling teeth from a tiger. I will let you know for sure....
Originally Posted by ShinobiXikyu View Post
Yeah, I'm still waiting on my email... (AN pre-reg, here.)
Not all the emails have been sent out yet - you will receive them by the 8th - if you don't then let us know I know we've gotten through the ConBravo! and earlier online pre-reg emails but we've haven't gotten through the AN ones (soo many ).
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*Sigh* No clue - baby due in June... so we'll see

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