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@ MDA: Great job with CoD!! You must be so happy to have her finished!! I am super excited to see your Rydia cosplay too!!! Did you just start that one?

@ Tifaia: I love your work on Celes. It looks awesome so far. What sort of embroidery work are you going to be doing? I have seen a few Celes interpretations where she has flower designs on the costume similar to Terra. I am so excited for our Fanime shoot plans!! Also, when I do finish my Rosa, I must take pictures with you as Rydia.

@ MetalArtisan: Cool! Take pictures when you get the chance!

@ Celine: Looking forward to your Palom! Power through that armor and jewelry, you can do it!

@ kaligoddess: I was running into the same issue when I was researching Minwu. Eventually I think you just have to decide what look you like best and go with it!

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