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Shall I post in here instead in the new one? (Good idea Akahime, I think you got it!) Ohsure,notreally.TotallyboredatworkDx.

I like to bike when the weather is nice. Like a cool (Spring or Fall weather) nice. Warm and hot I can still handle during mornings or near dusk. LOL So yeah, I bike a lot. Like whenever I can, I get 10 miles roundtrip every time I go out (live near a state trail). I suppose I like to draw and write. But I'm pretty average at doing both, hahaha. I mostly use up my time with video games, mostly RPGs back from time to time, some CoD. I hang with my friends (who are non-cosplayers) a lot. Once a month or so we either party (yes, with alcohol, we legal for that, lol) or go clubbing. I don't really enjoy doing both, but I like being hanging with my friends so I often take care of them if they are drunk. Hahaha. But I do love to dance. There is like no dance studios free of charge for people like me to dance my heart out and just freestyle to the music. Hahaha. I used to watch a lot of anime, but not anymore. I just mostly read manga.

Okkkkkkayyyyy, I'll just stop there. That's what I mostly do anyways other than cosplay. Hahaha.
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