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I think it's about how wide or narrow your interests/obsessions/... are, if I'm at a convention I could in theory (rarely do) photograph all day long and still not run out of people to photograph. Outside of conventions it's still not a problem, if I'm doing photography it's either with my friends or just looking around and seeing what I can recognize.
I agree. I personally spend most of my time at conventions taking photos of cosplayers I randomly come across and have a chance to ask for photos. Though lately, I've been going to a lot of local conventions where I already know most of the regulars. As long as a person is in what I can tell is cosplay/lolita/steampunk/etc, I have no qualms asking for photos regardless of how well they pulled it off or what specifically it is. Actually, my main requirements are if the situation makes it easy to ask and they look old enough to ask. I wouldn't say my photography is for myself, but rather for the person I'm taking photos of. I only occasionally have fanboy moments.
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