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Agreed on both accounts! I love working with fleece, my sewing machine loves it. <3 I made a Snuggie for my boyfriend two years ago and it was ridiculously easy to draft and sew. I need to find more excuses to work with it.

Have you tried acrylic paint? It's an easy paint to work with based on what kind of fabric you're painting onto, it's a very versatile paint IMO. It's also easier to avoid mistakes if you 'sketch' your design onto the fabric with a pencil or chalk.
Oh my goodness, I am with you on that one. This is the first thing I've sewn where I got the chance to use fleece and I can't wait to do something with it again.

My problem is that I am not really painting a straight design. I am making Jack Frost's cape so the edges are just kind of ghosted with white to look like frost and I feel like my fabric paint is too heavy for it. But I am defiantly going to try acrylic too, thanks for the suggestion.

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