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For those who didn't see yet, I posted up a pic of Celes a few days ago:

I got the rest of my supplies for her to, so I can work on her again. YIPPIEEEE!! XDDD *jumps up in the air throwing balloons everywhere* also, she'll be finished really soon! I figured 7 days of straight work will complete this whole costume. I'm not feeling up to tackling all 7 days in a row this time, I'm just gonna sew it slowly at the moment, since I have all the time in the world to finish her right now thanks to the hardcore work in November lol.

Now I can finally finish my OTHER classic FF cosplays, which I haven't told many people about who I've been doing. I'll probably post pics of them during this week here.

@ ~H~: *blush* Oh gosh.. Thank you so much, I'm flattered I don't know what to say, haha XD FF is my favorite to cosplay from, and I am a big fan as well. (I'd like to THINK that someday I'll cosplay every character possible, but that will take my whole life probably haha) I very much love all of your cosplays too, you have a really good collection you have made!! O_O and all finished too by the looks of it! Even your son cosplays with you, which I really love seeing.~ ^_^ Eeee, I love Lenna! She's one of my fav characters in FF V. I would LOVE to see that cosplay, that would be epic. I don't think I have ever seen a white mage Lenna before.

@Seifer-sama: It's possible to have a opera house location yes! There's one that my dad sometimes gets asked to play at, I've played violin there as well. I wonder if I can get photos there.... hmmm... O.o

@MDA: as said before, CoD looks lovely!~ I can't wait to see the little snakey guys on.

@Tifaia: I know I said this already, but wow, Celes. *.* Did you do any more work on her?

@kaligoddess: Indeed, it's sad that most classic FF's are kinda like that D: But in a way it can be a blessing, as there is no fighting to be 100% accurate you kinda have your own free will to do as you please with it.

@Celine: YES! Good to hear that Palom is almost finished.~ It makes me happy that he's getting cosplay love.
Due to health, I cannot work on cosplays like I was able to in the past. :'( Or attend cons with ease. Few cosplays that I am working on (when body allows) are:
Vampire Hunter D - D (Amano ver.) 5%
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess - Zelda 15%
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