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@MetalArtisan: Sweet. Can't wait to see! I picked up a few bits to start scaling armor for a customer. I now know the pain. Holy crap. I thought the time spent on embroidery was bad.

@MDA: Sweet. No CoD is complete with tentacles. XD

@Celine: I'm using my machine this time due to time constraints. It makes me a little sad because I really do enjoy hand embroidery, but then I look at my costume list and reality tells me otherwise.

I'm like that too with wigs. Sometimes I'll add a side-swept bang to help my forehead. lol

@kaligoddess: Oh crap. Isn't that the truth. And with Amano stuff sometimes the designs change. I mean Celes has like, what, 6 or 7 different variations of her outfit? Most of the concepts are the same, but colors just go out the window. lol After a while you just kind of come up with your own interpretation and roll with it.

@Seifer-sama: I'm keeping the stitches small, using a thinner thread, and it's a lot of straight lines. Easy for my machine to handle. I'm taking the pattern for the embroidery from her Anthologies render. That was my original intent to copy that design and I failed at the colors. Figure I'll salvage some of my sanity by using that for the embroidery. XD But I am also planning on doing the flower design on the organza that I've dyed.

I can't wait for Fanime either! So far away, but closing in. O_O

@Liliana: Hi lady! Glad you were able to get all of that cording done. ^^I've done a little more work with her. Stenciled out the embroidery design and waiting on my gems for her belt and earrings to set. ^^
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