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Last film I watched was Berberian Sound Studio. I know what you're thinking, "Oh Ryan you're so up to date and on the pulse of mainstream cinema releases!" Hey it's just what I'm here to do.

This film was amazing though, not that you'll likely even be able to see it, at least not until DVD. But boy... for someone who loves film and the mechanics of cinema it was glorious. I mean you probably care less than me but seeing tape reels, hearing switches flick and thunk, reels slotting into machine, actually recognizing a specific sound recorder from the 60s... yeah it was my kind of film.

A horror film about making a horror film. Well recording the sound at least. You never see a wound or a corpse but you hear every single squicky gruey disgusting death you could imagine in a 70s low budget Italian horror film.

And it's fucking weird too. You know what if you liked the Club Silencio bit from Mulholland Drive you might like this film.
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