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Liliana: Wow, that looks nuts. You are crazy in a good way, and it looks great so far. Can't wait to see that finished and whatever other secret stuff you've been stashing away.

H: Listen to Liliana and do FF5. It's got an almost unlimited amount of costume options. I really want to do another since freelancer/mime is kinda standard. I will probably do dancer one of these days, and maybe blue mage. I hate blue mage as a class but the outfit looks pretty pimp.

kaligoddess: I always thought Rosa was wearing a white bathing suit, or maybe a pink bathing suit. For some reason her sprite always looked like a bathing suit to me. Totally open to creative liberties on the older FFs. :P Back when I was entertaining the idea of doing Rosa, I was going to do her with pink hair since I liked her in pink. Then they did FF4 After Party and turned Porom into a pink haired Rosa and stole my idea.

I want to go to Fanime but last I checked there were like no hotels to be found. Or are they not on sale yet?

Anyway I put my whole costume on so I could figure out where all the belt jewelry needs to go (must affix it now, sadly I covered like 90% of it with the braid in this photo) and just to test how it is fitting. Obviously, still sans shoulder armor but here is mostly finished Palom.
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