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@Celine: That looks awesome *_*. I'm especially impressed with those pants. It's not easy to get striped fabric to come together on seams in a pretty way. Looking forward to more pics! Thanks for the suggestion also! FF5 is indeed a treasure trove of costumes @_@.

@tifaia: Your Celes costume is looking fabulous!!!! I can't wait to see what it looks like on ^_^.

@MetalArtisan: Congrats on finishing it! Please say you'll have pics soon!

@Liliana: Your skills are amazing @_@. I can't believe that you sewed that Celes cape all by hand! You have such dedication and talent. Also, you have inspired me to make a white wizard costume. I had toyed with the idea before, but managed to convince myself that no one would get/appreciate something so "old school". Now I'm all excited about it again! Thank you! ....also, I truly appreciate your kind words in regards to my gallery, so thanks so much for that too ^_-.

In addition to the white wizard and Lenna's white mage costumes, I've also begun working on a Maenad. I don't think anyone will remember the Maenads enough to recognize what I'm going for, but I love their design with the renaissance-style dresses that have those sheer flowing sleeves *_*. It will be nice just to have the dress.
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