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I am still really indecisive about AB! Not that it really matters, since it is so far away. I will be bringing my Conan cosplay for sure. I have been talking to a few other people and there will be some fabulous Detective Conan people there to hang around with! least more than one other one like last year.

I was thinking of an Uta no Prince-sama or 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors/Virtue's Last Reward cosplay. I would want to do those with other people though and I have no one! So if anyone reads this in the meantime and would be interested you should totally tell me haha.
Did you go to AB this year? Were you Lucas? Because in my horrible costume I hugged the same Lucas twice because she was too friggin cute.

//offtopichnnn so sorry
I can't swag understand swag your accent
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