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Anyone else not care about the "rules"

Hey there! I've known about Lolita for about 6 years now but only THIS YEAR have I actually been wearing it. Before I ordered a single thing I did some fun research, read the very cute guidebook on livejournal, and I currently follow some confession blogs on tumblr. It's all good fun and very helpful! Considering I sometimes Google the most random things like, "how do I wash my lolita clothes?"

So yeah, it's all pretty fun! Now I know most people into EGL (and no, I don't follow that on LJ. That website's just too...not my cup of tea.) I know a lot of people and blogs say, "don't buy cosplay items, or people will think it's more of a costume than actual clothing, like Chobits costumes and such."

I know, I knooow. But some of the outfits for those types of characters are just too cute! And I can't help myself. I've only bought from Bodyline so far (though with Christmas around the corner and my eye on a few Fanplusfriend stuff, that'll soon change) but just, some of the ebay cosplay pieces, even though many Lolitas look down on it (I said many, not all), I find waaay too adorable NOT to be interested in.

So, what do you think? NO HATE HERE. If you knew me in real life, trust me I buy anything that I find cute x_X
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