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Well, my Derpy is coming along... partly because I plan on not making ANYTHING for her. Except maybe the wings. I wanted to splurge on Yaya's pagasus wings, but... I dunno if I'll be able to. I already need a new wig for Derpy, plus the cost of my other accessories... It might just be cheaper to go with the felt wing route. We'll see.

It also just suddenly occured to me I can go pony for the whole weekend at Animate! Miami because I'm doing Rarity partly on Friday, and Rarity as my main on Saturday. Derpy will be Friday. Which means Sunday... I can go as my personal ponysona. Because I just remember that my ponysona happens to be a white unicorn as well. ... God I'm freaking dumb to just remember that now. >.> Bahaha, yay for my first themed cosplay weekend. XD
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