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Hindari's Wig and Prop Commissions

Closed for now! It's con season and I'd like to get to working on my own projects for now Be back in Fall.

I've been working with wigs and props for three years now and work with budget materials that won't break the wallet. I like paying attention to detail in character items and love tons of references while working. If I think I can't make a commission, I will not be shy on saying so.

At this time, I would only like business in the US and paypal only.

For commissions, I require a downpayment of material costs and it's nonrefundable if you decide you don't want it when it's completed. I send WIP shots and discuss details on the look that the cosplayer is trying to achieve. Once satisfied with the product, I require the commission and shipping cost then I'll mail it with a tracking number.

Wig commission information

Wigs are probably what I'm most passionate on in a costume. I can style more natural looking wigs or pointed wigs for a gameplay or anime look. There's also options for permanent wig styles that will remain that character wig forever. I love using Arda wigs most, but am very flexible with wig options for budget purposes. I will also take already owned wigs and fix them up if it's possible to achieve the look in mind. When considering for more complicated wig styles, keep in mind that you'll be paying for wigheads and the shipping will be more.

Estimated Commission rates
$15-$20: Minimal styling and cutting. Down hairstyles.
$20-$40: Minimal spiking and styling. More complex hair styles.
$40-$100: Hairlines. Spiky hairdos. Different colors. Added wefts. Complex hair styles. Updos.
Anything more complicated I will have to turn down for the time being.

Prop commission information

I make props from the cheapest material possible but still achieve a good look at the end. My favorite material to use is craft foam. I even have a cheap solution for a leather look for certain props or use pleather. At the moment I'm interested in making smaller props for quick turn outs. I will think about bigger items like keyblades and things if given a reasonable time period, just drop me a PM and see if I'm interested in taking up the job.

Estimated Commission rates
$20-$30: Small props or pieces.
$30-$40: Small weapons and armor
Anything else PM for prices.

Please PM for more accurate rates and please include the following in the PM
Character name
What's wanted
References (the more the better)
Substitute wigs or preferred material(if any)

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