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I have a few tips that I think work nicely.
1) Every meal should have some veges. Veges are better than fruit in a way since fruits have fructose which is a form of sugar (and sugar is sugar) while some veges have little to no calories gained when eaten. Anyways, I know veges can be nasty but they really do help. You can mix and match veges and fruits into a fruit salad to make it tastier. Anyways, eat a salad and if you really can't stand salad, eat a fruit before your actual meal. Treat it like an appetizer. That way, it will help fill you up and you eat less of the more fattening stuff. Your breakfast seems okay but lunch and dinner definitely try this if you want.

2) Don't starve yourself! It is better to eat 5 small meals than 3 large meals. You can also try having 3 normal meals with some healthy snacks. The most important thing is if you are hungry, eat. But only eat healthy low calorie foods for the snack method if you are going the 3 meal with snacks way. That way you don't keep eating snacks that are bad for you. When you are hungry and you don't eat, your body will just be put in a state of panic and start storing food for what it thinks will be a food shortage.

3) If you are new at this, I suggest slowly going into this habit. First, just do this for one day and see if this can be something that will become a lifestyle rather than just a short term thing. Just play around with this every other day. Don't test out different things every day because you will just not like it more and more. Even if something would have normally worked for you since you been doing it everyday, your mood would be going down. Anyways, after you found a good thing that works for you, try doing that two days of the week. Once you are comfortable, go for 3 days, then 4 and so on. It might be a good idea to let yourself have a cap of 6 days a week with one cheat day so long as this cheat day does not consist of engorging yourself. My cheat day is on Saturday since I go home that day and my mom forces me to eat tons of food and no veges in sight.

4) For the exercise thing, my back always hurts a lot too whenever I stand or sit upright for over 30 minutes. I think it might be because you have big boobs which is my problem too since it puts weight on your front side. My exercise is pretty light since I know if i make it to hard I won't do it. So make the exercise something doable for you, not something you know you won't do in the long term. I only take a 15-20 minute jog. Then I take a break. Not to much later (since I like exercise in the morning), I will do some stretches and dance exercise for 30 minutes. (I can't dance but I like too. lol) Then I rest some more! Then I go for a walk/jog around my campus at whatever pace I like. That would be it for the day!

5)Motivation! I come up with my own reward system. Basically, I came up with rewarding myself with something I like. For the jogging thing, I always jog to the pet store about 20 blocks away. If I get there early I keep jogging to get to 15 minutes at least. Then I play with the animals which is my reward. My other motivational tool is something I call the fun food game! I give myself points for completing certain task such as exercising and eating the right amount of nutrients I need (so I won't be harming myself. I took a nutrition class to find out but there are charts online and you just keep track of it for like a week and the you will get the hang of it so you won't always have to fill a chart.) Then, if I eat less calories than I burn (using my nutrition book but there are online calculators to tell you what activities burn what), I will subtract them and take those as points. If I eat more than I burn, I lose points. Then these points can be traded in for something else I like which is money! I tape money to my wall so I just redeem my points and I get to spend my money.

Motivation is different for everyone though so you really have to be the one who wants to change yourself enough to do it. Anyways, good luck!~
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