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I remember standing at the bus stop in cosplay when I suddenly hear a small voice yelling: ooh, IT'S YUGI!!
I turned around and saw a little boy standing there staring at me as if his dream just came true. His mother also turned around to see me, looking at me as if I were insane and quickly grabbed his arm and demanded him to follow her. The child was struggling to get out of her grasp saying "But mommy, that's Yugi from Yu-gi-oh!!"

She managed to take him with her, but he seemed sad so when he turned around to glance at me I gave him a big smile and waved at him. He was instantly smiling again and waved back. Really gave me the feeling I made his day.

The same day lots of other children came up to me, some were so young I was actually surprised they even knew my character But the look most children give you when they see you dressed as a character they like is just so adorable ^^
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