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Originally Posted by Irish Panda View Post
Hello! I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on the sailor tiaras.
My group (about ~6 people) are trying to do a sailormoon crossover cosplay, but I'm having difficulty figuring out a good way we can all get tiaras. I found an etsy store that had pretty good tiaras, but they're shipping would work out to be $10 each person. $60 for shipping just seems too much.
Is there a cheaper and easier way to make tiaras? I've never used wonderflex before, but I own a heat gun. I also read somewhere about someone using leather and gold paint. I also heard of the brass tiaras, but I don't own a dremel. Any advice?
I use tooling leather for tiaras. Anywhere from 3-5 ounces depending on what you can find on e-bay. It can't be more than that though. At this size it'll still be thin and pliable. Create your pattern, trace it on the leather with pencil, cut with a knife. You can do a little clean up with some scissors. Dampen both sides of the leather with a moist sponge. Use an all or other pointed (but not sharp so you don't damage the leather) tool to press/carve in your ridge details. While the leather is still damp, curve it to fit your forehead. When it's dry, use eco-flow leather paint in gold to paint it, front and back. Then use a brown marker to darken your ridge carving to give it more depth (it might take several strokes to get it dark enough). Even after the tiara is dry, it'll still be somewhat pliable so you can still fix it to fit you better (or someone else)! Glue on your star or oval jewel. If you're doing the oval jewel, I like to make a "setting" to make it look more cohesive. I use a gold snake chain, 1.5mm, by Beadalon (you can find it in a 6.5ft pack on With this kind of chain, you can bend the metal around round and sharp corners as you glue it around the jewel. And that's it! Wear it with spirit gum or double sided tape for a perfect fit and all day wear! You can tuck the ends under your wig, if you're wearing one, for extra security.

Originally Posted by Zaiten View Post
I had a question for you wonderful Sailor Moon cosplayers out there, how did you pick your senshi? (Or other character, hehe.) Where they your favorite? Did you look like them? I'm curious because because I'm having trouble picking who I want to be and would love to see how others picked theirs.
I picked Neptune because I have a ton in common with her. I used to play violin and I'm an artist. I also used to dress more feminine than my friends in high school....for some reason even a casual dress or skirt was considered "dressed up" and the fact that Michiru always wore pretty dresses on the regular reminded me of that. Look wise, I have super curly hair and back in the day it used to be that long. Turquoise/teal is one of my favorite colors too. I admire her determination, strength, and her loyalty/love for Uranus and the family bond she has with the whole outer team.

Originally Posted by MirniMausi View Post
I can try my best Though I'm not sure if it will work as good with Chibimoon, I guess you have to change the shape of the bun-thingy. (Does anyone know the english name for these things? You know, these doughnut-shaped items to make a bun)
Bun shapers is the generic term for them but I know there's some infomercial product that calls them Super Buns or something silly like that. XD

Originally Posted by ichigo_m. View Post
Spandex!!!! I'm making my Fuku soon but I have no clue what spandex to use!!! There are so many options! What did everyone else use? (:
If you're buying it in person, just get the thickest, heaviest you can find! In fact, think about lycra too! But be prepared to compensate for the fact that any white stretch fabric is still see-through! Even if you can't see skin color, a lot of people don't realize that we can see the size and shape of your belly button. XD Be prepared to either double up the fabric or wear shapewear. Shapewear is your god when it comes to senshi cosplays. I find that no matter what the body type, stretch fabrics just look gross. They are so unflattering cause they sink in and hug the worst crevices of the body. Shapewear fixes all that and makes the fabric clean, smooth, and pretty.....and you get the added bonus of protection from perves. ^______^d
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